Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The importance of displaying at an exhibition for your business

Aluvision Stand

Knowing where to invest money in growing your business can be daunting for some, especially those starting out. Here is a famous company that started out with a trade show way back in 1967 and this trade show launch was all they needed to get the products selling and massive growth to start the business.

They are still going today and it is well noted that trade shows have worked extremely well for this business Teradyne. Still trading in 2014 at Now the exhibition layout is not quite what we would have done, however it was 1967 so we will let them off. Note the lovely vinyl chairs!!

If you’re looking to grow your business strategically you should strongly consider showcasing your products at a trade show. As mentioned above trade shows have been successful for many years and are still highly successful today
Here are our top reasons why.

Consider people attending exhibitions. These are people who often are paying to attend and are searching for a new brand and trends to become part of their lifestyle.

Exhibiting is mostly about brand awareness and it provides the potential for customers to get to know you.
Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are fantastic tools to connect with your audience and showcase your product instantly. But it can’t beat face-to-face time with your customers.

Ask people their opinion of your brand. It’s a chance to conduct market research with a diverse range of the population, and get immediate feedback.
Also, positive comments on your products will leave you feeling fuelled and energised.

Trade shows are an excellent opportunity to study other brands’ activity and examine recent trends and opportunities of the industry.

But don’t see them as rivals. Get to know the competition and ask for advice if you’re starting out.

Remember: If you’re not exhibiting, it’s guaranteed your competitor is filling your booth.

Whether it’s a young brand entering the market with similar products, or an established company, they are happy to be exposed to that face-to-face marketing without you.


Thinking about how to display your stand and the marketing of your literature that you will provide to visitors will help you strengthen the identity of your brand in your own mind.

Seeing how your stand fits with other exhibitors will also help you find your feet and look at ways to improve your brand’s presence, if need be.


It’s a worthwhile exercise, looking at the comparisons between you and your competition.

Looking ahead
Your job doesn’t end after the exhibition gates close.

Following up with all the leads that you’ve generated will ensure any exhibition fees will be paid for and more.

Make sure you don’t give up until you’ve spoken with every lead and have discussed the opportunity to do business – it might take up to a year before some leads will need your services, but by being in contact you’ll be kept front of mind when they do.