What do you need on your display stands and why?

Does your company need a professional display stand in NZ?

We spoke with Susan Tapper from exhibition and display stand company STANDOUT Design and asked her for some of the insider tips she has obtained through working in the industry since 1997 to cover off the common questions that event and display stand decorators get asked regularly.

1. What is the most important thing a display stand should have and why?

Susan. Well we recommend that the visual appeal of your display stand from far away and up close is the most important. Visitors to your exhibition have a lot of distractions and plenty of choices so it is critical to have a visually appealing trade show exhibition stand when it is viewed for the first time.

2.  What other things are important to ensure the trade show is a success?

Susan.  There are some basics that need to be adhered to.
No 1. Friendly helpful staff that engage visitors are essential. So often we see display stand owners more focused on their laptops or mobile phones then speaking to potential clients. Get active and engage the visitors.

No 2. Get a good trade show exhibition stand designer that can ensure the stand has plenty of room for people to browse but not block access. Crowds are good for your stand and the more crowd in your stand the more people you will attract overall, but clever design will ensure they all have enough room to move around.

No 3. Another thing we encourage is an effective way to gain contact details from would be clients. Things that work well are fun things like a “spot the difference” competition  with two images that are branded (can also be put on social media to get more brand awareness)  with a prize for the winner that is industry related, or a expressions of interest box that has a random winner of a helpful prize.

trade show exhibition stands

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Here is a video of a trade show display stand being put up in Manchester England in less then 15 hours. Lots of time shots which show how much work these guys put in.

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